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Dr. Erwan Bertin Lab

Green Nanomaterials for Green Applications


Our research interests includes the preparation of nano materials by pulsed laser ablation in liquids, the electroreduction of carbon dioxide, the elimination of pollutants and the analysis of surfaces.


Congratulations to Aaron Mason who successfully defended his MSc. thesis April 16th, 2024!


Here is where you will find our complete publications list if you want to get a better idea of our previous work!

Welcome to the R1 lab

We are located in the department of Chemistry at St Francis Xavier University.

The lab was established in July 2019, and has been growing since! Our research has two main directions: the preparation of nano materials by pulsed laser ablation in liquids and the investigation of the electrocatalytic properties of these materials. This implies nanosecond laser, scanning electron microscope, potentiostat, gas and ion chromatography, as well as the occasional use of a 3D printer!

Click below for more information about the group students and their current projects !


Physical Science Center

Department of Chemistry

St Francis Xavier University

5009 Chapel Square, Antigonish, NS

B2G 2W5

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